HISTORY   The history of the Zi-Yuan Rice husking Factory


   HISTORY – Recording the Glorious Moments



The Zi-Yuan Rice Husking Factory established at Degao Village, Guan-Shan township, Taitung County.


The first white rice production and processing factory in eastern Taiwan.Its trademark product “Huang Di Rice” (“Emperor Rice”) reflects itsexcellent origin and also creates a brand name.


It underwent the “Premium Rice Cultivating Program” overseen by theGrain Bureau and became a privately owned rice husking factory.


The first rice husking factory established in eastern Taiwan – There are eight 500-ton low-temperature freezer barrels to increase the freshness of the rice.


In keeping with the “Refined Rice” policy, the factory purchased an impressive vertical rice refining machine. In 2002, another 500-ping dryerhouse was built in order to reduce the losses caused by typhoons.



It collaborated with the Agricultural and Food Agency and set up the Zi-Yuan Rice Special Production and Sales Area. This helps to ensure thatfarmers apply rational fertilization practices and reduce pesticide use.



Opening of the 500-ping Clean Room rice husking factory.



Credited by ISO 22000 in food class.



Honored by the Agricultural and Food Agency as a Commendable Rice Special Production and Sales Area.



The product “Tai Jiu Da Dao” rice received a CAS, Taiwan Good Agricultural Product, Certificate.



Honored by the Agricultural and Food Agency as a Commendable RiceSpecial Production and Sales Area.




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