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   Mountainous surroundings – The Guan-Shan Legacy

    Guanshan town is a mountain settlement located between the coastal mountains and central mountains. Along the slopes, there are green woods and grasslands. The Hsinwulu river runs through the north of this town and joins the Luye river before flowing into the Pacific Ocean from Taikaunshan. Neighboring the townships of Cishang and Luye, it is a flat valley suitable for agriculture. In 1960, after the completion of the Guanshan canal, the water conservancy facilities were finished. As a result, the development of Guanshan rice reached its apex.
1.By car: South bound: From Hualian to Taitung, take provincial highway no. 9. After the Chishang bridge, drive another five minutes and you'll be there. North bound: From Taitung to Hualian, take provincial highway no.9. After Guanshan city, drive another five minutes and you’ll be there.
2. By Train: From Hualian to Taitung, take the Hua Dong line (north bound is from Taitung to Hualian), get off at the Guanshan station. You can also take a taxi from Taitung to Hualian: take provincial highway no. 9. After the Tzu Chi hospital (Guanshan branch), you’ll reach the factory in about three minutes.
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