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Sun rises from the East – Seeing the break of dawn over the rice fields
The four business ideals are: "Care, Professionalism, Responsibility, and Safety”.


   The Zi-Yuan Rice Husking Factory is located in the Guan-shan township in Taitung County where the East Longitudinal Valley is surrounded and shielded by mountains. The rivers flow through fertile farmland; the fertile soil brings forth the good rice of Zi-Yuan. The high quality rice “Taitung NO.30”is produced in a perfect environment of 542 hectares, 100% professional cultivation and the earthy innocence and enthusiasm of 164 farmers. This special grain is rich and chewy. It will not only satisfy your stomach but also touch your heart. We insist that you should be treated like an emperor. Our specialized field has been credited by ISO22000, CAS (Taiwan Premium Agricultural Products) and TGAP (Traceable Agricultural Product). You can trust that the products are fresh and safe.

 Azusa Garden Rice Husking Factory

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